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Resurection (not the title of my painting but of my blog entry).

Perspective Prolems

This is from a series I am doing on animal/human territory collisions. Somewhat related to my painting Apex. This is a parking lot near the Eau Claire mall where I saw a fox darting between two SUVs that inspired this painting of a trio of foxes. There should be two more to come, but right now I am very busy painting muslims.


  1. Ned

    Now all we need is a music Thursday and we’re back on friggin’ track.

  2. J.E.

    Another great one Ned, thanks for posting.

  3. Shotts

    Thanks for posting this, Ned. And interesting to see how life in Eau Claire is affecting your vision. Again, I appreciate the kind of odd whimsy of it, really, and of course your usual vibrance. I love how the foxes look like they’re jumping from car to car, almost dancing, defying the idea of road kill or the encroaching pavement.

    Glad to see some movement on the HM blog again.

  4. Pete

    Movement is an interesting choice of words in the same blog as are the critiques of a friend’s work, Shotts. Freudian slip perhaps? As for me, I quite like it. I, too, felt that they were triuphantly jumping car to car. Joyously, but there could be room for mischieviousness if they are doing this to set off the car alarms. Sort of a pushing back against the encroachment maybe?

  5. Shotts

    I think the Freudian impulse is yours alone, here, Peters.

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