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Public Service Announcement!

I meant to post these before all of your New Year festivities.  I fear by forgetting, I’ve done everyone a terrible wrong.  I’m surprised they don’t make these articles mandatory reading in schools now-a-days.  I posted them here, because you need to know! 

Click on the thumbnails to read the full version.


Seriously, I didn’t realize things like this still existed…but when we visited Steph’s grandparents a couple of weeks ago, I found these in their local version of the “Mac Shopper.”  Thoughts, reactions, guesses?   


  1. J.E.

    I prefer my public service announcements with guitar, thanks.

    I love that they have the exact same layout. At lease most magazines are good enough to but “Special Advertising Section” (in tiny letters) on the page header or footer.

  2. Pete

    Once again! If only I had this before the party! maybe next year.

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