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Potter 1-6 Spoiler Alert!

I forbid any discussion on the cultural significance of the Potter phenomenon.  If you want to discuss that, start another post.

Okay any last minute predictions?

Here are my odds:

Chance that Harry will die: 60%

Chance that Voldemort will not die:  20%

Chance that Snape will die: 90%

Chance that Snape is evil: 10%

Chance that Ron will die: 10%

Chance that Hermione will die: 10%

Chance that Neville will die:  40%

Chance that Wormtail assists Harry: 90%

Chance that Sirius communicates with Harry: 100%

I’ll try to provide support for these odds as I have time today.  In the meantime, do we all agree that Snape is good?  Why?


  1. Liz

    I can’t give odds, but this afternoon I’m leaning towards the following scenario: Harry duels w/ Voldemort who very obviously overpowers him. At the last minute Snape, who has been behaving like an evil person until that point, steps in to save Harry and kill Voldemort but dies in the effort, thus redeeming himself.

    The following is my list of those characters who will die.

    A Weasley twin
    Percy Weasley
    Prof. McGonnagal (maybe)
    Mad-Eye Moody
    Beatrix LeStrange

  2. J.E.

    Good list — except for a Weasley twin. I think they are perhaps the least likely to die. Of course that would make it a BIG surprise if they did. I wonder how big a roll Percy will have in the end. One sort of wants him to be less of a prig in the end but it seems unlikely.

    But yes, the law of averages would dictate that at least one Weasley will die.

  3. Shotts

    I have just finished The Half-Blood Prince, which I think is thus far my favorite in the Harry Potter series. Or certainly right there with The Prisoner of Azkaban. So, after finishing Book 6, I thought I’d treat myself to your earlier predictions here, which are very interesting. I have not even cracked the final book, and will try to borrow a copy or some such today or tomorrow.

    I realize I’m three weeks behind you all, here, and so this won’t be that interesting to you, since you know the outcomes. (Again: please, no book 7 spoilers!)

    I feel like Voldemort has to die. I’m just not sure that the series could feel ended if that doesn’t occur. Of course, by the prophecy, if we are to believe the prophecy, this means that Harry likely lives. Which means, in some sense at least, a piece of Voldemort does live on. I’m wondering if Harry is victorious–with help from Snape, yes I agree that’s likely–and then himself becomes a teacher at Hogwarts–the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, in fact, after Snape’s death and redemption.

    I think Ron and Hermione will live on, as the hope of the new generation, in some fashion.

    I think Hagrid will die a spectacular death, taking on Death Eaters if not Voldemort himself.

    I think Dumbledore will be able to speak through his portrait and through the Pensieve. And I agree that Sirius will make some kind of contact as well.

    I think Neville and/or Luna will probably die. I hope Neville will take out Beatrix LeStrange, but will likely die in the process. Seems like fitting for him to avenge his parents.

    I think Draco Malfoy will turn out to redeem himself, possibly, also. But that feels unclear to me. One or the other of Snape and Malfoy will turn out to be good.

    I hope Mr. Weasley will somehow end up as the Minister of Magic, after being suppressed for so long. Seems a long shot, perhaps, but would be fitting.

    I’m curious how Harry’s parents will play a role or not in the last book. Seems like there might be some way they could come back or be able to communicate somehow. I would think their presence would play a role, of course.

    That might be all the predictions I have. I do hope the Weasley twins will play a role, as clearly they are powerful wizards to come up with all the different magic joke shope trinkets and antidotes and such. It would be good to see that put to use against the Dark Arts.

    So there’s where I’m at in the series. Looking forward to getting into the final book and finishing up and further conversation…

  4. Tobias

    Jeff, I’m glad you loved this last book so much. I think our preferences for the favorite books of the series are aligned somewhat.

    After reading Half Blood Prince I too thought it was one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for the Pensive — so all the time they spent in Book 6 exploring the back story was really rich for me. Over time, I do think I like Prisoner of Azkaban a little more, won over by it’s economy of length. But the “most favored status” still does go back and forth between books 3, 6 and 7.

    ***Mild spoilers about the pacing of Book 7. No plot details revealed, just wanted you to know***

    I’m excited about hearing your take on the entire series, and glad you’re only a few weeks behind us. There’s a point in Deathly Hallows where your wish that J.K. had a stronger editor rang true to me. So beware that lull. The slower section goes on for about 4 chapters, but then the pace doesn’t let up after that. I’ve had discussions with J.E. about this, and I see what J.K. was doing but I thought it could have been a smidge shorter. Although, now that I know the words for Harry’s world have been solidified, I’ll take all I can get. I’m a closet fanatic.

    ***End mild spoilers***

    I look forward to re-reading the books in a year or two and rediscovering them in light of knowing where they’re going — but being surprised by the things I’ve forgotten.

    Your predictions are fascinating. Look forward to discussing those when you’re done!

    On a side note, Rainy Day Books called me yesterday and they have Out Stealing Horses in for me. I look forward to reading it and discussingit too. Plus, I think I’m a couple days out from finishing A Brief History of the Dead. I’m really liking his writing style. I look forward to the discussion on that one too.

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