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Part Time Developments

Some interesting changes I’d like to mention:

First, Jen’s work has changed within Youth Venture. She is beginning to manage the global teams in Thailand and India, which is giving her an even more international scope. This means that Jen will need to travel to Asia probably two times a year. Hopefully I’ll be able to go with her, at least for part of the time. It is likely that Jen will need to take her first trip in this new role in August.

Second, I have arranged with Graywolf to start working as Senior Editor in a new part time capacity. Starting in June, I will be working three days a week–primarily selecting and editing poetry, critical essays, anthologies, and creative nonfiction. I will still be doing some occasional travel for this work–probably to New York and hopefully to Seattle, from time to time. There have been a number of staff changes at Graywolf over the last couple of months, such that this is a good time for me to do this and create some space for my own projects. With my other two working days, I will be teaching a class at Macalester during the fall semester, which I’m quite excited about. I will also be doing some freelance editing, where necessary. But above all, I hope to attend to my own writing. Needless to say, I’m happy about these new prospects, and am eager to see where they will go.

I am just back from three days in rural Massachusetts for a conference, and I will be going to rural Vermont in mid-August for the Bread Loaf Writers Conference. I’m realizing how beautiful that territory is.


  1. Ned

    Jeff and Jen,
    Good to hear about these developments. They sound like positive changes. I am admittedly jealous about all the traveling you manage and will manage. Jeff, I know any time you are able to spend writing will be well spent. I look forward to reading some original compositions when they come along. I now have Per’s book, though it may be a while until I am able to read it. And it must be rewarding to be back in the Macalester saddle, so to speak.

  2. J.E.

    Yes very good news. Glad to hear you are finally investing some of your skill and talent in yourself.

  3. Shotts

    Thanks to you both, and for the encouragement. It feels right now like a real risk to take a step back from Graywolf, but it definitely feels like the right one. I’m hopeful that good things will come of it…

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