Not too much to say this week, it’s been busy.  Although I did get to take a walk in near 70-degree weather on Wednesday right before the hail and tornadoes came through.  It made for one of the most beautiful Kansas sunsets I’ve ever seen.

On to the music!  These are the selections I’ve been listening to this week.  I received a few CD’s in the mail last week and there’s some fantastic stuff on them!  I’ve been listening (and when I’m not listening to them, humming) to them all week.  I’m trying to distill it down and get some great tracks posted for you next MT. 

01 Dappled Cities | “Fire, Fire, Fire” (Loving Hand Remix)

02 Let’s Go Sailing | “Icicles”

03 The Electric Soft Parade | “If That’s The Case, Then I Don’t Know”

04 Shiny Toy Guns | “Rainy Monday”