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New Music Thursday

I discovered Post-War a couple of days ago.  I hope you like M. Ward.  I’ll post individual tracks if you guys can’t listen to the album by clicking on the cover.

Update — I added the tracks 😉

Sorry about the lack of additional posting on my part over the last week.  It’s been busy and hard, perhaps I’ll write soon about it.

M. Ward | Post-War

01. Poison Cup
02. To Go Home
03. Right In The Head
04. Post-War
05. Requiem
06. Chinese Translation
07. Eyes On The Prize
08. Magic Trick
09. Neptune’s Net
10. Rollercoaster
11. Today’s Undertaking
12. Afterword/Rag


  1. Shotts

    Thanks, Tob. I’m enjoying Music Thursdays. And really digging M. Ward. Very cool, tuneful stuff. Glad to know it. We’ll have to make a We Are the Hollow Men compilation album of some kind eventually…

    The week’s almost over, and I hope the hardship goes with it for you, Toby.


  2. tobias

    Thanks for the feedback, Jeff!

    Here’s a couple of links you can visit if you want to know more about M. Ward. I owe it all to Peder…he lives in Portland, OR and turned me on to him.

    Here’s a piece they did on him on All Songs Considered.

    Happy listening!

  3. Pete

    I was just listening to “for the love of ned” the other day. still great stuff

  4. J.E.



  5. tobias

    “Thank God it’s not music Thursday?”

  6. J.E.




    So tired. So very tired. Hope to post more this eekend.

  7. Ned

    I can’t listen to this stuff without my computer interrupting it with buffering. Suggestions?

  8. J.E.


    Are you using a dial-up connection?

    J. E.

  9. Ned

    Tob, J.E.
    Yes. Toby said I could download the album first (under download target), but I have been unable to do that successfully. It usually says the file is empty or path cannot be read, etc. I have two music players but can’t open the music in either one.

  10. tobias


    We’ll try to get this solved for you. Perhaps I can post a little tutorial on the right-click –> “Save target as” bit.

    J.E. I finally understand what the extra “N” in “TGINMT” was…it was “Thank God It’s New Music Thursday.” I try to change the moniker around for Music Thursday and that’s why I got confused. And subsequently, confused you. It wasn’t on purpose. Honest.

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