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Here’s an album I’ve been listening to this week.  Every time I listen to it, a different song hits me — never the same song twice.  Curious….

Bonus Track below the Matt Pond PA.  I just found out about Kate today and I like the track I’ve posted below.  Find more out about Matt Pond PA and Kate Havnevik by clicking on their names above!

Matt Pond PAseveral arrows later 

01 Halloween
02 So Much Trouble
03 The Trees And The Wild
04 Several Arrows Later
05 It Is Safe
06 Emblems
07 City Song
08 From Debris
09 Brooklyn Stars
10 The Moviegoers
11 Spring Provides
12 Devil In The Water

01 Kate Havnevik | “New Day”

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  1. Shotts

    I’m enjoying these, Tob–from the nice tuneful Matt Pond PA to the more dancy Kate Havevik. Great to know these…

    I hear Pete Yorn has a third album out. I like the debut, the second one was not as good, but don’t know much about the new one. Any word on this, Tob?

    Thanks for keeping Music Thursday alive…


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