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Macho Meme 1: I Object

Part of a series of three I am doing. The others will be quite different.

Macho Meme 1 I Object


  1. J.E.

    Fantastic Ned, I wish I could see it up close. This seems like a bit of departure for you. But then I only know your work by what you post here. Looks like a very meditative process. Like a mandala.

  2. Ned

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, J.E.

  3. Pete

    Very cool. I also wish I could see it a little larger. What are the dimensions of the actual work? I imagine this would make a powerful statement on a large scale.

  4. Tobias

    I love your use of color, as always, Ned. You do fun things with the range of blues contrasted against the wide range of its complement. I daresay it’s masterful. It reminded me of Native American textile/art with some Russian art influences for some reason…perhaps the colors and ornateness. Also, honestly, it did recall something of the piece that the Shotts family owns of Wayne Conyers, of his mutants.

    I like this direction and hope you share more…I do miss the blog too and hope to spend more time on it. But that is an old, often-repeated hope.

  5. Ned

    This work is approximately 20 x 28″.

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