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I realize this comment will be lost on many of you, but it is time to make my annual appeal. I know TV ranks very low in most of our lists, but I have one guilty pleasure I wait all year for, the TV series, Lost.

Tob, help me out here.

Sept.27 is the first showing for the season (actually, a recapping of events so far.). Now, I am not a big fan of recap shows, but this would offer a chance to get in and get caught up (as well as one can be, the show has just too many layers, plots, subplots, and sub-subplots all related in an impacting way to the main plot.)

This show is written to be completed in a 5 year timeline and acts as a giant , multi-dimensional puzzle. Every show leaves you guessing, hypothesizing and re-hypothisizing. It is an incredible mental exercise, and I would encourage one and all to give it a trial run.

…No, the cheesy narration is not a show mainstay, but must be included to sum up actions which may have occured over several episodes, so bear with it.

Tob, would you agree that JE is the John Locke of the group?

This is not Freudian!


  1. Pete

    best thing on TV. ever. serious. I will own this series and rewatch it. it is captivating.

  2. Pete

    Admittedly, I am trying to create a buzz here by adding replies, but seriously.

  3. Pete

    You can tell me I am off my rocker and never watch it again if you don’t get hooked.

  4. Shotts

    I have seen one episode of LOST, and have to admit it was appealing and interesting. I haven’t gotten hooked, however, and would probably need to watch the first season on DVD to get caught up. And I will be at a reading at the University of Minnesota the evening of the 27th.

    I did appreciate that the actor who played Merry the hobbit is on the show.

    Considering that Peters, Toby, and Ned are all fans of LOST, I should probably give it a try and may put it on our Netflix queue…


  5. tobias

    I was sitting and re-watching parts of this past season with Steph, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. I said to everyone spontaneously, “This is better than the movies.” I realized, when I said it, I really did think that.

    It’s worth getting into…if you had one show to watch, this would be the one I’d recommend (it even ranks above Knight Rider now). I remember this feeling when I’d get together with a couple of friends every Friday night for the X-Files. This seems more purposeful, and less ridden with red herrings.

    Steph and I own Season 2 and should get it in the mail over the next few days. We’ll probably catch up and buy Season 1 too. Feel free to borrow.

    A word of caution: prepare yourself for a self-imposed exile from the world for a while! I’m glad I started watching it from the 3rd episode, otherwise it would have taken over. Even Steph, who I consider very self-disciplined, burned through the First Season in under a week.

  6. Shotts

    OK, OK–I put LOST Season One, Disc One at the top of our Netflix queue, but I’m keeping my expectations low, to try to avoid the inevitable letdown after this much hype…


  7. tobias

    Yeah, keep your expectations low, Jeff…it can never hurt. There are chinks in the armour, despite all of my glowing praise of it. However, the chinks are what keep us human 😉

  8. J.E.

    Oh for chrissakes I’ll put it in my G.D. cue! But only, I repeat, only to shut you up!

    J. E.

    And my expectations are even lower than Shotts’s.

  9. Shotts

    Speaking of lost, has anyone heard from Ned? He hasn’t posted in quite a while. Maybe he’s taking all this time stuff to heart, and spending it being artful and a father and husband and teacher, when he knows he should be here on wearethehollowmen.com with the rest of us…


  10. Shotts

    OK, I’ve watched LOST season one, disc one–the first four episodes. It is very good, dramatic, suspenseful. You can kind of see the scriptwriters working it over a little bit–a pregnant woman, of course–though a woman that pregnant would not generally be flying. And Said, the Iraqi. There’s just a few things like that meant to pull our chains.

    But overall, it is very good, so far. I’m putting disc two to the top of our Netflix queue. Jen likes it as well.

    I do like the flashback techniques, especially with John Locke and the “Walkabout” episode, where we learn he was previously in a wheelchair. A bit unlikely, but I suppose when you realize the whole thing is unlikely, you let go. Though I have to admit it’s hard to let go when watching scenes with the “creature” that’s out in the jungle. I think that was a bad addition. I mean, isn’t the plane wreck and being lost enough drama? Well, I’ll press on…

    I doubt I’ll be watching much of LOST on TV, and definitely prefer the DVD format and no commercials. Especially when each actual show is around 40 minutes, which makes you realize that there are 20 minutes of commercials on each televised episode. That comes to roughly 9 hours of commercials for a 27-episode season. Our lives are being robbed.

    Thanks for the suggestion…


  11. Shotts

    Peters, Toby, and anyone tuned in–

    OK, I admit I’ve become hooked on LOST. I’m close to finishing the first season. Quick question: is the Season One: Disc 7 (Bonus Materials) worth getting, or is it just documentaries, interviews with the cast, etc.? If it’s not the actual episodes and if you don’t say it’s a must-see, I’ll probably skip it and go on to Season Two. Let me know…

    The best character by far is Locke. I just saw the episode about his parents, and frankly, it’s one of the cruellest things I’ve ever considered. Heart-breaking.

    I still find the monster out in the jungle thing pretty unnecessary, but I’ve learned to overlook it. And I hope some of the other loose ends will be explained and not just left flat–like the polar bear, for one example.

    I’ll continue to press on. I’m sure LOST will come up in Kansas City, so I’ll look forward to further conversation…


  12. tobias

    I don’t think you need Disc 7, Shotts. I haven’t ever seen the content on it. It might make for some interesting material to watch someday, but I’m kind of traditional in the fact that I prefer to use “canon” material. That is…the show as the makers intended it to be without drawing back the curtain to show us what lies behind.

    A couple of my favorite characters show up in the Second season, but from Season One my favorites are Locke, Sawyer, Sayid and Jin. I do enjoy how you form a perspective of those characters and they’re turned on their head. Plus, nobody gets beaten up, tortured, and shot more than Sawyer. You gotta feel sorry for him.

  13. Shotts

    Thanks, Toby. I’ll skip Disc 7. I already have Season Two on my Netflix queue. I don’t know how far into Season Two I will be by the time I land in Kansas City, so try not to give too much away during the weekend. And I’m not watching the new season on TV, to avoid the advertising inanity.

    I’ll look forward to some of the new characters in Season Two. Locke is the star for me of Season One. Sawyer starts out just terrible, but once his back story is more apparent, he becomes more interesting. I haven’t gotten into Jin yet, really, though I think the two of them are interesting in the mix. Sayid, I’m torn about. He sometimes seems over the top–torturning, the whole thing with Rousseau the French Woman, but his back story is good and powerful. Sometimes I think he’s there for the role of exotic male and for a foil to Iraq–interesting, but you can see the strings being pulled…

    I will press on. Thanks, Tob.


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