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Like, Not Love, Music Thursday

It’s not that I won’t love these songs someday…it’s just that I’ve only met them within the last week, day, or hour.  How can I say those words without more history between us?  I’m taking love back, right now.

01 Cloud Cult | “Chemicals Collide”
02 Cloud Cult | “Outside of Your Skin”

03 Malajube | “La Monogamie”
04 Malajube | “Montreal – 40 degre Celcuis”

Malajube’s Videos are a delight…check after the jump for a couple of YouTube goodness.


05 The One AM Radio | “In the Time We’ve Got”
06 The One AM Radio | “Flicker”
07 The One AM Radio | “The Greatest of Ease”
08 The One AM Radio | “Ninety-Nine, One Hundred (Live)”

09 Au Revoir Simone | “Backyards of Our Neighbors”
10 Au Revoir Simone | “Hurricanes”

The Arcade Fire is coming out with a new album — they’re one of the bands I’ve liked (and put tracks from Funeral on “All the Money That Money Buys last year).

11 The Arcade Fire | “Black Mirror”

And now for a few random uncoupled smatterings:

12 Of Montreal | “Gronlandic Edit”
13 !!! | “Myth Takes”
14 Laylights | “Sparrows”

The last one reminds me of The Editors…good night all!

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  1. Pete

    If you are taking requests, I might be interested in a little anoushka Shankar.

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