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Let Me Know What You Think

This isn’t quite finished (the opener still needs some re-visions), but the basic format of the site is set, and the images are in place. So let me know what you think. Thanks.



  1. J.E.

    Very succinct (which I like). It is inviting and easy to navigate.

    Great to see more of your work!

    Who do you expect to be the primary viewers of your site? Are you using it as an on line portfolio or do you hope to expand the site someday to include sales? I have a friend who does pretty well selling prints of his paintings and the originals on line. I think you would like his work.


  2. Pete

    I like this very much. I was expecting a link to a singular image and was suprised to see a portfolio. This is amazing. I have to go to bed now, but will look in much more detail tomorrow. I liked your sketch of Rushdie. Thanks for the willingness to share of yourself. this is really great.

  3. Shotts

    Ned, this is terrific to see–very warm colors, inviting, and easy to navigate. I agree with J.E. that you should eventually try to work out the possibility of online sales. And links to other sites would be useful too, I think, in creating a networked feel to the site.

    Is it important for you to mention your teaching more specifically in your artist bio? And is it worth having a link to a full CV?

    But above all, this is excellent, and it’s great to have a place to go to see your work online. It’s exciting to see the amazing quality of your art, even on a screen. I didn’t see the painting of the dragons, though, and that should be on here, if it’s not. I will keep looking, but wanted to respond to you.

    Did you build this site yourself, or did Toby have anything to do with this?

  4. Ned

    Just to respond quickly to a few comments and suggestions.

    I probably will try to sell original paintings on the site, eventually, but not prints. That is, when I generate a large enough body of work to do so.

    The dragon painting is the first painting in the “For Walls” section.

    It has been suggested by several people that I should mention that I teach at the University; so I will change that in the “Bio” section soon.

    The site was originally conceived as a portfolio for me to direct Art Directors and Editors to. If this turns out to be its main purpose, I don’t think I need a full CV.

    A Design student that I’ve become sort of friends with here named Jeff Hornung helped me build the site. I know enough to add and subtract images and text, but I’m still catching up on how to do the links, etc.

    One thing I’m curious about is that a few people have mentioned now that they don’t think the opening image is up to the standard set by of some of the other paintings, but it is somewhat necessary for the “tree” theme of navigating the site. Any opinions.?

    I probably will not do much work on the site for a bit, because I have another book to work on from SVS Press soon, but when I post new images, I’ll let you guys know.

  5. Shotts

    I like the tree image. I like starting the site with something simple, and it’s easy to see the connections from the opening page to the other pages. It’s also nice to have the roots of the trees inviting us to go deeper…

    Thanks for pointing me to the dragons…

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