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Jumping Ship?

I started a blog. Here’s the link.


  1. J.E.

    Glad to see this Ned. A personal blog can be a harsh mistress though.

    I hardly think it’s jumping ship, but I am a little regretful that we seem to have much more interaction on gannonned and newgottland than we do on wearethehollowmen.

  2. Ned

    I feel I have always been pretty faithful to this blog, but I have to say, ultimately, I did get frustrated with it. And don’t worry about my harsh mistress, I know how to get my splendid isolation. I plan to blog once a week, not everyday. If that means people lose interest so be it. But I feel that is the only way I can maintain any kind of consistency. Incidentally, who knows if you’ll read this (or maybe when is a better view), but I am reading a book that you would find interesting and, I think, challenging, though I have only finished the first chapter.

  3. J.E.

    Until you started as a regular reader (and commenter) I didn’t think much about audience and whether they would lose interest or not. I view the blog section of my website as more of a foundation for my artistic cosmology.

    So when I read this interesting and challenging book what would the title be?

  4. Ned

    Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin.

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