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If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

I managed to draw J.E.’s attention to the post of a recent image created to mark the anniversary of the Deep Horizon oil spill in the gulf so I thought I’d post the others. I made more than this, but these were the ones I decided to go with. I called the series No Horizon as both a reference to the rig that collapsed, but also to the fact that they have no real environment or background, which is unusual for my work. The Bluefin and the Loggerhead turtle images were made with oil and water and ink, and the birds were made with ink, water and soap suds. Obviously, the materials were important in the creation of this series. The names are tentative.



. No Horizon Washed


No Horizon Bluefin 001


No Horizon Blue Heron


  1. Shotts

    Really great and moving images, Ned.

  2. Ned

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Interesting to hear your preferences too. I think, right now, I’m most pleased with the Brown Pelican (the top image).

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