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I am a Novice at Living

021 IR Sunrise

034 IR Lookout Veiled

099 IR Decrepit

116 IR Moonrise


236 IR Rainbow Three


244 IR Vortex


181 IR Alive


149 IR Back


165 IR RH


229 IR Edwards Capped


  1. J.E.

    Splendid images Ned. I can’t wait to see how your time there will influence future work.

  2. Shotts

    Terrific photos from isle Royale! Please comment and provide some description of your week there. Just glad to know you returned intact.

  3. Ned

    Thanks. It’s difficult to describe. It was wonderful to be away from phones, email, facebook etc. for two weeks, but hard to be away from the family for that long. I hiked over 64 miles and saw some incredible wilderness, as well as otters, moose, foxes, snowshoe hares, loons, eagles, and other wildlife. I spent time learning to identify flowers, mushrooms, and birds, canoed and kayaked around the islands, and read a lot, some for school and some from Sigurd F Olson. It would have been a paradise if not for the absence of my family and the way that the outhouse odors cling to you and linger in your nostrils for about three minutes after you leave.

    You all know how a photograph fails to capture something about an experience, so you can imagine from my photos how incredible some of the hikes were. I saw the lake under storm, calm, fog and part cloudy. I won’t forget it for a long time. Fantastic. I feel lucky to be one of four chosen from the eighty-two applicants this year.

  4. Pete

    Really fantastic photographs. I really like the compositions and colors. Sounds like this was a wonderful experience.

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