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Hard @ Work Music Thursday

I suppose I shouldn’t call these entries “Music Thursday” anymore, since I don’t seem to be hitting it on Thursdays too much these days.  However, I did upload all of these songs on Thursday, so there’s a spirit of Thursday-ness about them. 

I’ve been busy lately, as I seem to have had a lot of new projects come my way — which is a great problem for BirdBox Design to have.

The following is a hodgepodge of music I’ve been enjoying the last week and a half.  I hope you enjoy, even for the silly indulgences hidden within.

01 West Coast Revival |Feelin’ Alright
02 Albert Hammond Jr. | In Transit
03 Limbeck | Big Drag
04 The Ladies and Gentlemen | Stay
05 The Broken West | Down in the Valley
06 Lonely, Dear | Hard Days
07 Jamie Lidell | A Little Bit More
08 The Good, the Bad, & the Queen | Herculean
09 Pedro the Lion | Magazine
10 Split Lip Rayfied | C’mon Get Your Gun
11 Lonely, Dear | Carrying A Stone
12 Miracle Fortress | Have You Seen In Your Dreams
13 Ted Leo and the Pharmacists | The Sons of Cain
14 Odawas | Alleluia
15 All Smiles | Moth in a Cloud of Smoke
16 Illinois | Alone Again
17 Au Revoir Simone | Fallen Snow
18 Brothers and Sisters | One Night
19 Belle and Sebastian | Another Sunny Day
20 Tom Waits | Bottom of the World
21 Birdmonster | ‘Cause You Can
22 Christopher Blue | Ghost in the Night
23 Slaraffenland | Early Rising
24 Erik Mattsson | Birds
25 Erik Mattsson | Go Down
26 Pedro the Lion | Eye on the Finish Line
27 El-P | Flyentology (Cassettes Won’t Listen remix)
28 The Postmarks | Goodbye
29 Neko Case | Hold On, Hold On
30 Je Suis France | That Don’t Work Well for Us

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  1. Ned

    I’m way behind on the music. I just downloaded the Devotchka. I rememeber encouraging you to post more after the track on the cd you passed out. I love this cd. I’m going to purchase it. The lyrics to “How It Will End” are quite moving to me, though I know they are somewhat ambiguous. Have you listened to them?

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