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Frightening Project

Ned, thanks for the quick examples of your take on the frightening theme.  About two weeks ago I started digging through my art from college because I had a hankering to start in on my work again.  I hadn’t looked at my work since college in many cases, and was surprised by what I thought was crap then didn’t seem so crappy.  I worked on "restoring" a couple of drawings that had gotten smeared from my few moves since an undergrad and fixing some parts that I wanted to alter.  A couple of drawings I thought would be fine contributions to Project Frightening.

I am hopefully going to post a couple of creepy things that aren’t mine and one that is mine in the comments later today.  Click on the thumbnails to see an enlarged view.


Study of Bernini’s Death on the Tomb of Pope Urban VIII


Box Elder, Part of the "My Icons" Series

I had to take photos of these both and adjust them in Photoshop, so they look much different in real life.  The Box Elder piece is at least five feet in height, so I had to take two shots and seam them together.  The Death study is on white paper, but I created the effect you see in Photoshop and thought it created a nice mood for this project.  Hope you like my additions!

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  1. Ned

    Always great to see art on the blog, Tob. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I know I am always excited to get responses to my entries, particularly if I put myself out there with my creative work. Things have been quite hectic. I think the amber or sienna color you added to the death study really contributes to a warm, rustic feel. The formal composition of Box Elder is striking and for some reason reminds me of some Native American art. Of course, we had a visiting artist here at the U who dealt with Native mythologies and stories; so maybe that’s just a free association. If you have time, you should return to drawing more often. I think the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks. Thanks for contributing to the Frightening blog entry. I thought for a moment that I might be the only one.

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