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Francisco Part IX: Ned’s Second Segment

Francisco opened his eyes. Sand clung to his face, hands, and arms. He lay at the foot of a large heap of sand at the back of a construction site. The last thing he remembered from this sequence was with Rachael again. She had been sitting on his lap showing him how to convert a Youtube video soundtrack into an MP3 file. He still felt her weight pressing close to his legs. He still heard the echo of her laughter. The scent of her hair lingered. But how could her scent be there at all if he was dreaming or remembering. Something was poking his thigh from inside his pocket. He withdrew a folded piece of paper and a photograph. His life was beginning to feel as convulsive as a Barnaby Furnas canvas.

Francisco 002

Francisco 001

Francisco 003

Francisco 004


  1. Pete

    Haven’t had time to look closely at the notes… they are a little small, but from what I can see, my heart’s all a flutter. thanks neddle.

  2. Ned

    Yes, the first one was too small so I broke it into 2 parts below. The bottom notes are a closer look at the first one. Thanks, Petes.

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