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For Holy Week

Jesus Stumbles the Third Time.


  1. Ned

    You can watch the whole 40 minute video if you go to vimeo and search for The Crucifixion According to Radiohead. My favorite is “Jesus Falls the First Time.”

  2. Ned

    Okay, I really like Jesus Meets His Mother.

  3. J.E.

    Hmmm. Interesting but I’m not sure why it needed the juxtaposition with artist. It seem awkwardly self promotional to me.

    Nonetheless, thanks for keeping the blog alive.

  4. Ned

    I think the way it is framed here was due to the fact that the original form of the thing was a performance where the artist painted in front of the congregation and the video was up on a screen. This was the closest thing to the original performance they could get with video. As someone who is pretty awful at promoting my own stuff, that didn’t occur to me, but I guess I can see that perspective.

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