I’m about to let you behind the scenes a bit on my music posting habits. 

I begin with gathering songs from trusted music blog sites (other than Hollow Men — a Trusted Music Blogging Site in its own right), my own collection, borrowed tracks from “friends,” and tracks sent to me in the mail by promoters.  I then sit on the tracks for a while and let them percolate.  The ones that float to the top, I ease in a post somewhere. 

From time to time, I’ll realize it’s Music Thursday and either 1) give up or 2)frantically find some some selections.*  It’s interesting how much music hits me the first time, but then loses its appeal on subsequent listenings.  As Fruit Stripe is to gum, these songs are to music.

First up this week are a couple of songs I’ve been listening to whenever I go to my random collected tracks folder.  I find myself going back to them first whenever I fire up some music.  From the mellow and lilting blend of Dean and Britta to more conventional (but comforting) rock chords of Longview. 

01 Dean and Britta | “Words You Used to Say”
02 Longview | “Will You Wait Here”

A continuation of J.E.’s concert-going post,  I am pleased to bring you:
03 Explosions in the Sky | “Welcome, Ghosts”

And Finally, a few selections from a band that has been in heavy rotation in my car over the past couple of weeks. From their album Slingshot Echoes.

04 Mezzanine Owls | “Lightbulb”
05 Mezzanine Owls | “We Don’t”
06 Mezzanine Owls | “A Draft”
07 Mezzanine Owls | “Flashing Lights”

*I do love that “Turn My Camera On” track.  I get lucky with my frantically posted selections often.