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Decade’s Art


I suppose this could category could designate different things for different people. It could mean art or shows that you’ve seen in the past decade, art that’s been created in the last decade, performing arts, movements in art, news about the arts, etc.

I used a photo of Kara Walker’s artwork, because I think I remember Shotts talking about seeing her show at the Walker in 2007-2008.

Let’s talk about your favorites over the past decade….


  1. Ned

    These are getting tougher and tougher as far as I’m concerned, but I accept your challenge…

  2. Ned

    I started a long biographical sketch of great art moments I’ve had, but it became quite daunting trying to remember everything, plus something happened and I logged out on accident loosing my blog entry. So I am going to list artists whose work I have had the privilege of seeing in person in the last decade. The list is off the top of my head, and I am sure I am going to miss something (perhaps something I saw with one of you).

    1 Kiki Smith (Walker Retrospect)
    2 Gerhard Richter (MOMA Retrospect)
    3 Sarah Kabot (Drawing Center, Apparently Invisible)
    4 Chris Nau (Drawing Center, Apparently Invisible)
    5 Thomas Nozkowski (Multiplex show at MOMA)
    6 Robert Irwin (Third Eye at Guggenheim)
    7 James Turell (Walker, Guggenheim, and Pace Gallery)
    8 Cai Guo Qiang (Guugenheim, “I Believe” one of the true highlights)
    9 Magdalena Abakanowicz (Met rooftop)
    10 Leonard Baskin (Met prints)
    11 William Blake (Met with Toby and Jeff)
    12 Turner (Tate and Met and tow New York galleries)
    13 Corot (Met)
    14 Sargent (Met and private galleries)
    15 Inness (National Academy had a great show of just his work, plus Met, Nelson)
    16 Ryder (Met)
    17 Christian Boltanski (Minneapolis Institute, MOMA)
    18 Lee Bontecou (KNoedler and Company)
    19 Pieter Bruegel the Younger (Met)
    20 Mircea Cantor (MOMA)
    21 Carravagio (the painting that the book “The Lost Painting is based on in the Irish National Gallery)
    22 Cezzanne (MOMA)
    23 Sue Coe (St. Etienne Gallery)
    24 John Collier (in Foster gallery)
    25 Amy Cutler (Leslie Tonkonow Projects)
    26 Greg Crane (glad to see one of my professors exhibits in NY)
    27 Salvador Dali (saw this while in NY for a service trip at MOMA)
    28 James Ensor (Drawing Center)
    29 Inka Essenhigh (Deitch Projects in Soho)
    30 Peter Drake (again, glad to see one of my professors works)
    31 Sanford Robinson Gifford (ggod to see this collection of paintings at the Met by one of its founders)
    32 Tim Hawkinson (Whitney)
    33 Julie Heffernan (PPOW Gallery)
    34 Jim Hodges (can’t remember the name of this gallery off the top)
    35 Arturo Herrera (MOMA)
    36 Jason Holley (in Foster)
    37 Sebastian Bremmer (in Foster)
    38 Shaun Tan (in Foster)
    39 Hiroshige (all 101 views of Edo prints at the Brooklyn)
    40 Tehching Hsieh (performance videos at the MOMA)
    41 Guy Billout (in Foster)
    42 Sam Weber (Society of Illustrators, NY)
    43 N C Wyeth (at the Brandywine)
    44 Rachel Whiteread (Brooklyn Museum at teh Sensation show)
    45 Tom Uttech (Alexandra Gallery)
    46 Leonardo da Vinci (Met)
    47 Bill Viola (Guggenheim and proudly at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island)
    48 Tobias Tobin (MOMA)
    49 Vermeer (Met)
    50 Paolo Ventura (Hasted Hunt Gallery)
    51 Wayne Thiebaud (Whitney)
    52 Mark Tansey (Curt Markus Gallery)
    53 Henry Ossawa Tanner (Met)
    54 Aaron Siskind (ICP)
    55 Alyson Shotz (Derek Eller Gallery)
    56 Ben Shahn (in TX as well as NY)
    57 Rachid Said (MOMA)
    58 Matthew Ritchie’s paintings in his apartment (Tribeca)
    59 Alison Moritsugu (heard her talk at SVA)
    60 Barry Moser (University of MN)
    61 Barry McGee (Deitch Projects)
    62 Charles Knight (at the Museum of Natural History)
    63 Paul Klee (MOMA)
    64 William Kentridge (New Museum before they moved from Broadway in 2000)
    65 Tara Donovan (Met)
    66 Sarah Sze (Interesting to see her work in the SVA fine art studio walks and now she is huge)

  3. Shotts

    This is very tough, especially given Ned’s rather voluminous response, which doesn’t feel very fair–nor does it seem that fair that Toby poses the questions but doesn’t very much respond with his own answers!

    I would have to say the Kara Walker exhibit at the Walker looms large in my imagination. The William Blake exhibit at the Met, with Ned and Toby, was a highlight, for all kinds of reasons, and probably the most memorable for me. There was a great Sigmar Polke and other German painters show, including Richter, that was also terrific at the Walker. Also the Kiki Smith, which Ned mentions at top. I also remember going to the Vermeer and other Delft painters show at the Met–really luminous. Was the Francesco Clemente Guggenheim in the 2000s? That was momentous, both for the paintings and for lugging the Clemente hardcover catalog across the isle of Manhattan for Jerod Morris. I also need to mention two exhibits at the Kent Gallery in Chelsea that featured Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst, and other painters, many of them surrealists of one kind or another. The Max Beckmanns at the Saint Louis Art Museum are amazing, and I remember them being featured in a special show there while I lived near the museum. There was also a terrific show of Scandinavian late 19th C and early 20th C painters at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts that was really interesting.

    I’m pleased I remember so many of these, and I’m sure more, but here is what I will list for today.

  4. Tobias

    I’m sorry about posing the questions, and not posting up my responses yet. I hope to catch up to my own slavish pace soon. 😉

  5. Ned

    I think my response is fair 🙂

  6. Ned

    I have the catalog for that Dorothea Tanning exhibit. I wish I could have seen it. I picked it up on a visit to Kent during the summer. There was a decent Heide Fasnact show.

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