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Cracker Box Efficiency

Speed Holes I’m home sick with a wicked cold today so I might as well blog.

So on Friday Peters and I were discussing new cars, hybrids, MPG and the like. Then on Sunday I found this ad thumbing through some of Jackie’s (my mother-in-law) old magazines.

According to this, the 1976 Datsun B-210 had an EPA estimate of 42 MPG highway. After doing a little research I couldn’t find one gasoline burning, non-hybrid 2006 model that claimed to do 42 MPG or better.

Peters you blew it. You should’ve kept the Datsun. Now you have to buy a hybrid to best the B-210’s efficiency.

Must have been the “speed holes.”


  1. Pete

    I can’t argue with that. Sounds about right. 42 miles of sheer driving fun, if you ask me. May have killed a few brain cells with the fumes, but only the weak ones.

  2. Shotts

    I would like to state, officially, that I was wrong about Peters’ Datsun. I was wrong to call it a “cracker box.” J. E.’s posting only proves that Peters was, in fact, ahead of his time.

    Many apologies, Peters. I guess we’re even now, after you drove us off into the ditch north of Lindsborg that snowy December night a few years ago…


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