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BirdBox Logo in the Wild

I forgot to mention this, but a company I created a logo for was featured on the nightly news in Minnesota recently.  I was proud to see my work out there.  Click the link below to see the newscast.



  1. J.E.

    Not sure which video you are talking about. Did you do work for the school bus crash or the 25 foot Hawaiian waves?

  2. Shotts

    Toby–I’m assumiing you did the logo for MOD? That’s what came up when I hit the link. That’s terrific–congratulations!


  3. tobias

    Guys, sorry I wasn’t clearer…it is the MOD logo, which you can see if you view the large video on the left. It’s titled “Stores Cracking Down on Nuisance Crimes.”

  4. J.E.

    Cool. Your MOD logo is mod.

  5. Shotts

    I’d even say moderne.


  6. Ned

    Congrats. I guess this is a sign you should be living in MN?

  7. Shotts

    I would second that…


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