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Back on the blog.

Sorry for my lack of participation over the last month or so. Our computers have been relatively unusable (mine has died and Mandy’s has been in various states of disrepair, which is fixed for the time being.). Of course, the biggest news is the addition to the Becker clan. The hugest congratulations are in order! We are thrilled to finally see the photographic evidence of this “Clara Francine”, but photos as we all know can be easily altered. I will have to have tangible, physical proof at some point to be sated. I can report on this to all you distanced brothers when I have seen it for myself. I would have to say that one book I am truly glad to be reading prior to having children of my own is Dr. Bruce Perry’s book, ” The Boy who was raised as a Dog”. This is a fascinating book, written in pretty accessible terms about the neurodevelopment of infants brains, particularly from pregancy through infancy and into pre-adolescents. Pretty cutting edge stuff in the area of what we really know about development. I would recommend this to anyone with kids, considering kids, or who knows kids. I would recommend this in particular to anyone who has contact with foster kids or others who have had trauma in early childhood. I hope all is well with each of you and your families and am glad to once again have a voice.


  1. Ned

    Glad to have your presence back in the mix, Pete. It seems we may soon be back to firing with all five engines.

  2. Shotts

    I hope you’re up and running, technologically speaking, Peters. Great to have a post from you. The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog sounds interesting.

    I hope you’re well.

  3. Shotts


    Glad you’re back on the blog. Took your recommendation last night and went to see Dan in Real Life. It was great, and Jen and I both really enjoyed it–funny, awkward, smart, and, well, touching, damn it. Definitely the kind of movie Jen, particularly, goes for. So thanks for giving it high marks in an earlier posting. I was trying to get Jen to go to Old Country for Old Men, the new Coen Brothers flick based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, but that’s one I will have to go to without her, it looks like. So Dan in Real Life was the way to go. Steve Karell was great in it. We saw the movie in an art house theater, which was a bit surprising, except that Juliet Binoche apparently continues to be the posterwoman for successful indie films.

    Love is not a feeling; it is an ability. That reminded me of our continuous metaphor of the wheelchair, in some ways, and how we lacked the ability to stand. Seems to me these days you’re standing and running, when not driving the Prius.

  4. Pete

    the prius is an interesting metaphor here,. Would also recommend “Reign over me”. I dare say, “Adam Sandler is a damn fine actor.” And, believe it or not, I am not being sarcastic. Bring your kleenix, this is a touching movie about damage.

  5. J.E.

    I’ll have to check it out.

    However, I have to say I’m with Jen on the new Coen Brothers film. I don’t share their infatuation with violence and I hear Old Country for Old Men takes the depiction of violence to a whole new level even for the Coen Brothers.

  6. Ned

    No Country for Old Men

  7. Pete

    what ned said.

  8. Shotts

    Good to see a little line of conversation here. Thanks for the correction, Ned, on the title. No Country for Old Men. I understand your point, J.E., about violence. Jen definitely can’t stand going to movies where there’s violence. I was desensitized to that years ago by a father who would take us to see pretty much anything we wanted. But when it does get gratuitous and extended and in-your-face-for -sake-of-being-in-your-face, I do wince and switch off. The Passion of the Christ may be the example most readily at hand.

    I like the Coen Brothers enough, however, that I am curious and want to see the film adaption. I guess here again, as with Wilco and Beck, J.E. and I are in a different conversation. Funny how some of those differences have been exposed.

    Thanks for the recommendation of Reign over Me. It looked interesting in previews. I’m less enthralled with Sandler. Just because he shows one other range other than loud, obnoxious clown doesn’t make him a fine actor. Nevertheless, good to have the recommendation. Still enjoying bits of Dan in Real Life in my head. Just back from rural Massachusetts–beautiful, old hill country not too far from Amherst and Northampton. Next week to Seattle and Puget Sound for Thanksgiving.

    I still have to say there’s a rather large part of me that is very disappointed that we’re not continuing the HM Thanksgiving tradition. I think I’m still somewhat in disbelief that we’re all married and now half of us with kids and with jobs and responsibilities and houses and all of that. No alarms and no surprises. I’m trying to surpress that disappointment, but definitely miss it, especially around mid to late November.

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