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38 Weeks Plus

Just a brief update from Minneapolis: The baby is now over 38 weeks, which means we are at full term, and could really go anytime! It’s exciting, as you can imagine, having the bags packed, the car seat installed, and more or less trying to be at the ready. As some of you know, the baby was in breech position for a while, and Jen and I had to try all kinds of things–tilting Jen on an ironing board, playing music, singing, Chinese medicine, seeing a chiropractor….–to try to coax the baby to go head down. Last Thursday, we went in to the hospital, and our OB and another doctor performed an external cephalic version (ECV) to manually move the baby into the correct head down position. It was really uncomfortable for Jen, but she was hugely courageous and strong through the procedure. Everything went so well, and now the baby is in the right position and remaining there, as far as we can know. It was a stressful week, but really joyous in the outcome, and we’re grateful for all the good vibes and energy we have from our friends, family, and our care providers! So it’s not long now, and we continue to appreciate that support from all of you!


  1. Ned

    Glad to hear things are looking up (or down as the case may be). I hope the birthing goes well and we anxiously await the news. Give our best to Jen. Sara and I just returned to Eau Claire after our service trip to NY working with homeless and HIV/AIDS patients. It was an eye opener for all of us. Staten Island has changed a lot. I also got to see a Dali exhibit at the MOMA and a Turner exhibit at the Met, as well as a few old friends. The new oceanic wing at the Natural History museum is also really spectacular. I now have to finish my SVS paintings as well as another magazine job that was waiting for me when I returned as well as prepare for James and Sarah’s visit. Best to all.

    Peters, I tried to call you back. Hope to connect soon. I’ll be around a lot this week (my folks are still here); so call anytime you want.

  2. J.E.

    Wow, good news! Of course I saw it on Facebook first.

    We’ll be thinking of you every day.

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner — not a whole lot going on around here lately….

  3. Shotts

    Thanks to you, J.E. and Ned, and thanks for talking recently, Peters. And THANKS again to everyone for the generous gift card! We got our stroller with it a week or two ago, and we’re really thrilled with it. I hope our baby will be, too.

    Today, officially, we’re at 39 weeks!

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