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And now, looking ahead, it must be asked: what do you foresee in 2007? This can either be predictions of important events or people, or it could take the form of personal New Years resolutions. It’s always such a reflective time. I’m reminded that the month of January comes from Janus, the Roman god of endings and beginnings, with a face looking backward and a face looking forward.

So, looking ahead now, here are a few thoughts and resolutions from me.

In 2007, I expect:

  • to see Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Rudy Guliani in the spotlight for the Presidential elections of 2008, as they all announce their candidacies. (I’m already surprised to see John Edwards announce his candidacy, and so early.)
  • a withdrawl plan from Iraq.
  • peacekeeping efforts deployed to Darfur, through a renewed United Nations.
  • the biggest seller in books, by far, to be the new and final Harry Potter.
  • the biggest movie, in terms of blockbuster status, to be the new Harry Potter movie.
  • to be exhausted by Harry Potter by this time next year.
  • additional evidence for global warming.
  • one of us to announce a child on the way.

Some of my personal resolutions include:

  • to eat vegetarian as much as possible, with only occasional fish when eating out.
  • to eat less, eat more healthy foods, drink less alcohol, and drink more water daily.
  • to exercise at the Y at least 12 times each month.
  • to post and comment regularly on the Hollow Men site, including a weekly literary/poetry feature.
  • to work to organize our house better.
  • to begin more sustained writing.
  • to be in better touch with family and friends.



  1. J.E.

    1) I hope you’re right about Darfur but I’m pretty doubtful. I hope that the UN can be “renewed” but I don’t see any evidence for it.

    2) I’ll also be surprised to see any significant draw down of troops in Iraq. I expect there to be a “temporary surge” (or whatever you want to call it) that is NOT temporary. Frankly, I really don’t know if either a draw down or a surge would be beneficial. I can’t imagine any resolution in Iraq that does not involve a lot more bloodshed. If the U. S. forces leave all together it seems like there will be a terrible civil war. Our military could establish security, but it would require death on the scale of WWII — an order of magnitude or more — both for soldiers and civilians. Unless leadership emerges from somewhere other than the United States I don’t see an end to this. There is just too much oil to fight over.

    3) You can only be exhausted by Harry Potter if you read the novels.  And I hope everyone does, so that those of us who have read them can freely drone on about hair-brained theories without spoiling the plot for the rest of you.

    4) Don’t sweat the poetry post too much. A link is more than enough. We just need something to distract us from the Rolomite and the Unicorns.

    5) RE: Organization of the house

    6) Please write Shotts! Please! And I promise to make more strange objects like this.

  2. Pete

    Somewhere, Terry Gilliam is smiling.

  3. J.E.


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