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Music Thursday: Part I (The Traditional)

Okay, I thought I’d share a complete album with you guys again after so many months.  I just picked this up this week and heard it for the first time all the way through.  Particular songs got a lot of airplay on the radio, so you may have heard some of this.  I’ve really been digging this album is really good as a whole.  Enjoy!

KT Tunstall | Eye to the Telescope

01 Other Side Of The World
02 Another Place To Fall
03 Under The Weather
04 Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
05 Miniature Disasters
06 Silent Sea
07 Universe & U
08 False Alarm
09 Suddenly I See
10 Stoppin’ The Love
11 Heal Over
12 Through The Dark
13 Bonus Track – Immune (Live at Gaia)

‘Twas the Music Thursday Before…

01 The Acorn | “Blankets”
02 The Acorn | “Evidence”
03 The Acorn | “Spring Thaw”

By the way, this is your last chance to put in a good word for any favorite tracks to be included on the Holiday Mix I’m putting together for Friday.  I have the playlist and I’m sitting with it a bit, to make sure it meshes…but I could still be swayed.  Comment if you dare!

It’s Already Music Thursday

We’ve been blanketed in KC with snow today.  It’s wonderful.  Feel free to enjoy this week’s Music Thursday selections with a cup of hot chocolate.  Although, I’m sure it’s still damn hot down in J.E.’s Texas — where hot chocolate might not be as pleasant.

By the way, I didn’t intend for last week’s mix to be considered a holiday album for the year.  That very album is forthcoming when we all team up in McPherson, a mere 3 weeks from tomorrow (with the exception of clan Gannon).  I am culling some of the best tracks over the course of Music Thursdays and will be including a few choice bits on the album.  I am open to hearing which tracks you liked and which ones you didn’t.  Feel free to add comments to this post with your votes for inclusion.  Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain 😉

On now on to the monstrously colossal Thursday mix….

01 Eastern Stars | “They Know What to Do”
02 Architecture in Helsinki | “Wishbone (Franc Tetas Remix)”
03 Albert Hammond Jr. | “In Transit”
04 Califone | “Spider’s House”
05 Cut Chemist | “Metrorail Thru Space”
06 Cut Chemist | “The Garden”
07 Pinto | “I Belong to You”
08 Pinto | “Iron and Rust”
09 Joanna Newsom | “Monkey & Bear” (someone you love or hate…I love)
10 Tom Waits | “Road to Peace”  (same notes as the previous track)
11 Scanners | “Lowlife (Radio Edit)”
12 My Morning Jacket | “Gideon (Live)”
13 My Morning Jacket | “Golden (Live)”
14 The Shins | “Phantom Limb”
15 Protokoll | “Sunken”
16 The Dears | “Whites Only Party”
17 The Jealous Girlfriends | “The Pink Wig to My Salieri”
18 The Watson Twins | “Shoot the Lights Out”
19 Mixel Pixel “You’re the Kind of Girl”
20 Explorer’s Club | “Don’t Forget the Sun” (easily the reincarnation of the Beach Boys)
21 Kool and the Gang | “Summer Madness” (last two songs are included to help combat the winter, which Jeff Shotts is probably already tired of)

Thanksgiving Leftovers Music Thursday

One more track for all of your Thanksgiving-loving hearts:

01 Travel By Sea | “I Won’t Let You Down”

I hope everyone is well, had great holiday festivities, and had safe travels to and from their destinations.

It’s Never Too Late Music Thursday

Apologies about not posting this yesterday.  Understandably, there was turkey to be eaten.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  One thing I was thankful for yesterday was the many years of white meat (and tofurkey), cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and wine we all had the privilege of sharing together.  Not to mention all the traditions — especially the walks.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all in a month.

Today’s music selections are a hodge-podge of tracks I’ve been listening to since the last MT post, very suitable in light of the Thansgiving arrangement of foods we ate yesterday (and probably today).  Starting off with the T-Day appropriate “TV” and ending with an entrance into the Christmas holidays, named “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!” I hope you enjoy this Thansgiving weekend mix.  I’ve even thrown the 2 new U2 tracks in there — it wouldn’t be Thansgiving without it.

01 Headlights | TV
02 Shiny Toy Guns | “Starts With One”
03 Teddybears | “Punkrocker (Squeakeclean Remix) Mastered”
04 U2 | “The Saints Are Coming”
05 U2 | “Window In The Skies”
06 Dappled Cities Fly | “Within Hours”
07 Sufjan Stevens | “That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!”

We’ve come a long way since Ember’s my friends….

Come one and all.

OK, here’s the deal: We have been negotiating this to some extent and realize that we will not be able to please everyone.  We realize that not everyone will be able to work this into their schedules, as busy as they all are, but we would like very much to extend a welcome to the Peters’ abode for some holdiay cheer.  The date: 12-23-06.  The time: anytime after lunch.  I believe we will have some kind of dinner celebration in the evening and maybe play some games or bocce or visit Coronado or the Lester Raymer studio or something during the afternoon.  Please let me how many of you are available so we can start to plan.  We may have some very special plans, but those are still in the works and may not pan out.  In the event you are unavailable, I wish you the best; otherwise please RSVP.  If anyone has suggestions which do not include changing said date and time please feel free to let me know.  Tob, please feel free to edit, format, and generally spruce up this document as you like.  cheers.  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.

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