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For Holy Week

Jesus Stumbles the Third Time.

We Are Augustines

This video from an up and coming Brooklyn band amuses me.

Thought Provoking Documentary

Press Pause Play

This Belongs Here…

Check it out. The Hobbit Trailer.

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When a Quiet Moment Arises (The Song of Lunch)

I know Jeff is going through a tough time with Griffin right now, and I know many of us are preoccupied with parenthood and other things, but Sara and I watched this on PBS, and I think it’s well worth the fifty-odd minutes it takes to watch it, if you haven’t. Here’s the link.

I am a Novice at Living

021 IR Sunrise

034 IR Lookout Veiled

099 IR Decrepit

116 IR Moonrise


236 IR Rainbow Three


244 IR Vortex


181 IR Alive


149 IR Back


165 IR RH


229 IR Edwards Capped

“It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all…”

She was defiantly independent, unbelievably loyal, tender with our kids, and territorial. She was living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, as she got smarter and smarter the longer she lived, learning to communicate what she wanted more and more efficiently. She hated getting wet. She protected Eliot and Sara from a raging pitbull, and I slept sitting up with her when she couldn’t lie down from the pain of the injuries she had sustained in the fight. When I came home from the vet after learning that she had advanced lymphoma, my family was gone and she licked the tears from my face. The night before last, she couldn’t climb the stairs to go out at night to go to the bathroom, and I carried her up. Later that night, I found she had climbed the stairs to my bedroom to be beside me during a storm. She was a fighter and stubborn, and one of my best friends. Dogs are a marvel. And I miss her very much.


Agnes September 1999 – July 2011

Agnes 003

If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

I managed to draw J.E.’s attention to the post of a recent image created to mark the anniversary of the Deep Horizon oil spill in the gulf so I thought I’d post the others. I made more than this, but these were the ones I decided to go with. I called the series No Horizon as both a reference to the rig that collapsed, but also to the fact that they have no real environment or background, which is unusual for my work. The Bluefin and the Loggerhead turtle images were made with oil and water and ink, and the birds were made with ink, water and soap suds. Obviously, the materials were important in the creation of this series. The names are tentative.



. No Horizon Washed


No Horizon Bluefin 001


No Horizon Blue Heron

No Horizon: Loggerheads

Here’s the first in a series dedicated to the BP spill. This image was created with ink, oil, and water (and Photoshop). The initial splotch was created, incidentally, in a sketchbook given to me by Toby.


No Horizon Loggerheads


This is a new image in the TINAW series, one of three digital works I am constructing. Before I took the trouble to post it to my website, I thought I’d get your input.


You Might Get What You're After Final Flattened

Recurring Themes

Last night I came home late. Sara informed me the kids were asleep. When I went to kiss them goodnight, Eliot was missing from his bed. I found him in our bed with the reading lamp on and this in his hands.



Splendid Isolation

This summer, after being awarded a residency, I am going to be spending 19 days on Isle Royale National Park, on lake Superior. It is the location of the longest running study of a predatory mammal and its prey in the U.S. I will be on foot with no technology and likely will not be able to see the entire 46 mile island, but I hope to do some serious walking. Of course, I’m supposed to be making art as well.




Isle Royale

Something to Look Forward To…

None of it feels better than seeing Ian McKellan appear in Gandalf’s seat again.

If You Think What’s Going On in WI Doesn’t Matter…

watch this.

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