devotchka[1]  akronfamily_loveissimple_cover[1]

…this new Devotchka album is fantastic, amongst many of Ned’s rightnesses.  Here’s three tracks I enjoyed in the time I’ve had to listen.

01 Devotchka | The Clockwise Witness
02 Devotchka | Transliterator
03 Devotchka | New World

On with the Ned theme.  Here’s another artist I heard this week and it totally sounded like an artist Ned would enjoy the most of all of us.  I enjoy it quite a bit too, but Ned can surpass us and all of our enthusiasms….

04 Akron/Family | Ed Is A Portal
05 Akron/Family | Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music For Moms
06 Akron/Family | There’s So Many Colors