Our gathering at the lake is nearly upon us, and as promised, I am checking in ahead of time–hopefully to incite excitement and to offer some vital information.

I have confirmation from the Beckers and Gannons for attending. From some of J.E.’s recent postings, I assume the Johns(t)ons are unable to join us–understandably, but please know we still hold on to hope and would like you very much with us. We’ll be thinking of you, regardless. I haven’t heard from the Peters, but hope that means there might be the possibility of you both coming up. If all of you could confirm your attendance or declare your intended absence, that would be helpful. So I hope to hear from each of you on this post.

Now, for those planning to come…

Jen and I will plan to be down at the lake on Friday, June 15, probably by 10 am.
feel free to arrive whenever works for you. We are also able to be at the lake starting Thursday evening, if that works better for people.

Directions: The lake is Lake Francis, near the town of Elysian, midway between Faribault and Mankato, Minnesota. Off of Interstate 35, take Highway 60 west (the Faribault/Waterville exit, Exit 56) about twenty miles into Elysian. Go through the small town, staying on Highway 60, then take a right after the second sign indicating Camping, onto the dirt road marked 516. You will curve around and then take a right onto Woodduck, a sharp right that goes down a small hill. Aspengren lake home is the first house, directly at the bottom of the hill. It’s a large, cream-colored house, with an old red car parked in the driveway. Park in the driveway, and come on in! Phone number at the lake house: 507-267-4043

What to Bring: Swimsuit and towel, sun screen, sunglasses, etc. Bring any games, music, DVDs, etc. you want. There are lots of fun things for kids there, but bring what you need.

Division of Labor: Jen and I will handle the Friday evening dinner and brunch on Sunday, and we’ll bring some snacks for Saturday. Gannons, can you handle brunch on Saturday, and Beckers, can you handle Saturday dinner? There is a full kitchen with everything you would likely need, and there’s a grill. So just bring the food you need for the meal, and any additional snacks or specific preferences you want. If anyone wants to bring special drinks (wine, beer, pop, juice, etc.) please do so.

What to expect: There are four bedrooms in the house, so everyone will have a bed and space. There are two bathrooms, one upstairs and one down. Gannons, there is a bed for Eliot, and a crib for Claire. There is a washer and dryer, if you need laundry. There’s a nice yard, with a beach and some sand, a dock with a boat and jet ski. There’s a fire pit for the evening, but it does start to get buggy around this time, so bring appropriate bug spray or lotion. The little town of Elysian has an ice cream shop, gas stations, a bakery, some little restaurants/bars, and there are thirty miles of paved walking/running/biking trails right near the house. So feel free to bring your bikes, if you like.

I think this will be a great time. I’ll call to check in with each of you, and will be checking in here as well. Looking forward!